Beth travels

Imagine being a real adventurer, and being the first person to set eyes on a spectacular view.

Except you would have to camp, and be really good at adventure sports, and not be clumsy enough to fall over.  And exactly how long would you be without Twitter?

It’s really not for me.

But it is possible to feel like you’re the first person somewhere.

So, through my posts I’ll show you how to have the perfect adventure, without leaving your comfort zone.

Finding adventures within your comfort zone. World-first feelings with a retreat to your hotel.

Cities are where adventures begin. Here is advice on some of my favourite cities.

History, myth and legend create the atmosphere in a new place.


Dream trips with white sands and clear seas that we hope aren’t only once in a lifetime.

How to book trips wisely, get the best experiences and start making memories.

See all my posts to get inspiration for where to go next.


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