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Manuel Antonio

I love to watch tv programmes about adventurers, whether it’s Levison Wood hiking through the whole of Central America or Steve Backshall rock climbing in undiscovered Oman.

Imagine being the first person to lay eyes on a spectacular view, or to see animals who aren’t intimidated by humans because they’ve never seen them before.

To me, that would be heaven… except I don’t like camping, and I’m not very good at adventure sports, and I’m clumsy and would fall.  And exactly how long would I be without Twitter?

It’s really not for me.

But it is possible to feel like I’m the first person somewhere.

I first experienced it looking out over the rainforest in Manuel Antonio.  There weren’t any other hotels in sight, just a clear view to the national park and beyond to the sea.  But I could retreat to my cocktail and 5* hotel to watch squirrel monkeys play.

So, through my posts I’ll show you how to have the perfect adventure, without leaving your comfort zone.

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Beth Seager

Travel blogger

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