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Longer nights and darker days got you down?  You’re not alone; millions of us suffer with low moods in winter[1].  This post is to convince you to banish winter blues by booking the trip you’ve been eyeing up.

Officially called Seasonal Affective Disorder (aptly, SAD), it’s probably caused by a lack of light, preventing the body from making melatonin which makes us lethargic.

Don’t worry, there’s a cure! 

85% of Brits believe that a holiday with loved ones gives them the most genuine, lasting happiness, even after 5 years[2].

To help banish the winter blues, Hilton has a sale of up to 25% off EMEA bookings plus an additional 5% off for Hilton Honor members

I stayed in Madrid Prado recently and was surprised by the friendliness of the staff and the quality of the refurbishment of this historic building.

Showing Off or Enjoying Life?

It also appears that we’re less materialistic than we used to be, and the Brits are amongst the most generous in the world, so why not ask your friends to go on that spa weekend?

Instagram away whilst you’re on your travels – 91% of us think that life experiences are more important than material objects[3], so maybe that vanity post isn’t as bad as we think.

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Horse riding is something I class as a "comfort zone adventure" because the horse can gallop away and it feels like I'm the only one around… But the instructor will help if anything goes horribly wrong. And there'll be a hospital, I won't need to be airlifted to safety… . . This is me horse riding in Playa Bahía de los Piratas in Costa Rica. It was beautiful and such an incredible way to experience the stereotypical sandy beaches and lapping shorelines . . . . #costarica #wanderlust #guanacaste #horseriding #beach #beachlife #travelgram #instatravel #shetravels #roamtocreate #adventure #visitcostarica #puravida #travel #traveltribe #bloggerstribe #travelblog #traveldeeper

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Now you’ve had a stats overload on why you shouldn’t feel guilty for those work-time travel Googles. If you still need some inspiration, have a look at 4 Alternative City Breaks and Why Costa Rica Will Stay On Your Bucket List.

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